With every facial an examination of your skin will be done by our professionals and throughout your facial the appropriate products will be used.

Spa Facial

As you experience our spa facial you will enjoy a cleansing and toning followed by an exfoliating scrub. You will then relax under the steam as the skin relaxes and the pores open. We do a thorough extraction process followed by cleansing and toning. We use a high frequency ozone treatment to rid the skin of bacteria and impurities deep within the skin. You then experience a luxurious neck, shoulders, face and scalp massage. Then another relaxation period under a mask, chosen appropriately for your skin. A light moisturizing and your skin will be glowing as you leave us to enjoy your day.

Microderm Abrasion Facial

This facial is much like our spa facial except that we use a machine to do passes over the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin. By doing this we allow the skin a fresh surface and are able to really get the nourishing products into the skin. This service is great for anti-aging and for anyone who has never had a facial and wants a fresh start to taking care of their skin. This service helps with sun damage wrinkles and acne scars. It is great for enlarged pores and blackheads as well.

We have two types of microderm abrasion facials

Crystal microderm: Uses crystals remove the top layer of skin

Microderm with infusion: Uses a tip with a sandpaper-like surface to remove the skin and then a sponge-like tip to infuse appropriate products right into your skin. This option is better for sensitive skin or acne clients.

Glycolic Facial

This facial uses professional grade glycolic acid to cause a slight peeling of the skin to help rid the top layer of dead skin and rejuvenate the skin underneath. All other parts of the facial are the same as our spa facial.

spa facials


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