Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is extremely effective in permanently removing/reducing hair.

The laser reacts to the pigment in the hair and creates a burning reaction in the follicle. This damages the follicle and it can no longer produce hair.

The catch to laser hair removal is that our hair goes through three growth cycles and any laser only affects the follicle if it is in the growing (androgen) phase.

This is why we say it takes four to six treatments to be rid of the hair in the target area. With each treatment you will notice less and less hair. Some people may take only a few treatments to be rid of hair but also some may take more treatments depending on the amount of hair and the region of the body it is in.

Because the laser is attracted by the pigment in the hair it is most effective on dark coarse hair.

This also means that the laser is most effective with lighter skin. With our new technology we are able to treat darker skin types and lighter hair.

After laser hair removal the target area may remain red and tender for awhile. You would treat the area as if you had a sunburn, by staying out of intense sun and avoiding hot water. The area can also be treated with aloe vera cram or gel.

After approximately six weeks you will see the results from the treatment and know how much hair is coming back.

This is why we suggest doing a treatment every two months for the best results. Also for best results you would want to only shave for four to six weeks prior to laser treatment as waxing changes the shape of the follicle and only shave between treatments.